Master the art of selling, scaling your business, creating financial freedom and the mindset it takes to make it all happen.

EPISODE 29:Multiple Streams of Income For Realtors

In this episode Rene Sorola shares how being a highly productive real estate sales person can open up opportunities for additional streams of income within the real estate space.

EPISODE 28:What Happens When Your Main Source of Business Goes Away

In this episode Mary Hamilton shares how she pivoted when her major source of business that was 70% of her business disappeared and went from $750,000 in GCI to $1 million.

EPISODE 27: Zillow vs Realtor

In this episode Mark Olesh regional Director of Florida for Keller Williams shares with us insights about what Zillow is actually up to and what we need to do about it.

EPISODE 26: How to Sell 100 Homes A Year

Jason Penrose shares the mind set, skills and systems required to get to 100 deals a year. If 100 deals a year is a goal of yours you do not want to miss this episode.

EPISODE 25: The path to 3.8 Million a Year in GCI

Neal Weichel shares the path to success in real estate sales. From the first 3 years of your career and beyond Neal provides the blueprint for sustained excellence. Amazing opportunity to learn from one of my mentors!

EPISODE 24: Cardone Capital

Ryan Tseko the VP of Cardone Capital shares his journey in real estate and how at 36 he finds himself overseeing a rapidly expanding empire.

EPISODE 23: Marketing Moxie

Natalie Gowen the founder of MoxieTonic Marketing shares the common mistakes business owners make in their marketing.

EPISODE 22: Over 200 Buy Sides

Greg Sisson is a powerhouse. With over 360 deals closed in a calendar year and 200 of those being buy sides he knows the blueprint to growing your buyer business.

EPISODE 21: 400+ Units

It is always the psychology of the owner that keeps a business stuck. In this episode Abel Gilbert of One Path Realty shares how he made the mental shift required to work his way out of personal production.

EPISODE 20: Two Million in GCI During a Pandemic

In this episode Christy Morrison shares how she went from feeling burnt out with no leverage and no online presence to dominating in the physical and digital worlds and creating a business versus being an operator.

EPISODE 19: Taming Your Gremlin

Ever noticed that voice that tells you you are not fast enough strong enough or quick enough. In this episode Rick Carson author of Taming Your Gremlin gives insight as to how to tame that monster of the mind.

EPISODE 18: Know Your Numbers

In this episode serial entrepreneur and Sisu CEO Brian Charlesworth shares why knowing your numbers is critical and how software makes it easy.


Fernando David shares his journey from the military and law enforcement to owning and managing over 100 Airbnb properties.

EPISODE 16: What You Need To Know About Technology

Krishna Parikh shares what agents need to be doing with technology to remain competitive. In her previous job as a technologist with Keller Williams where she reporting directly to Gary Keller to her new position at a venture capital firm that specializes in the real estate space Krishna’s perspective is critical for agents to understand how the physical and the digital worlds meet in the real estate game.

EPISODE 15: $115 Million Dollar Man

From a start at a sales job at IBM Leigh Marcus has become a complete powerhouse in real estate. In this episode Leigh shares what it takes to become a world class sales person.

EPISODE 14: Building an Empire

In this episode Natascha Tello shares her journey from being an individual agent to team owner to owner operator of five market centers!

EPISODE 13: Wholesale/Flipping

Adrian Rodriguez shares how he went from working at AT&T to real estate investor extraordinaire doing hundreds of transactions per year.

EPISODE 12: Niches

The riches are in the niches. In this episode 7 figure earner Michael Klein from Hoboken New Jersey shares the three main pillars of his business and how he develop the niche of divorce real estate.

EPISODE 11: Mindset

Accomplishing anything is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. In this episode Jeff Schuh a decorated Marine, purple heart recipient, and endurance athlete shares with us the mindset require to create desired outcomes.

EPISODE 10: The Power of Door Knocking

Jim Sandoval sells 50 homes a year out of his geographic farm of 5500 homes. He does this almost entirely by knocking on doors. Listen to how he makes that happen.

EPISODE 9: Mastering the Art of Communication

Anna is a rock star realtor in Virginia Beach. In this episode we discuss the mastery of communication that is required to consistently earn 7 figures in the real estate game.

EPISODE 8: Patience & Perseverance

Alex Glaser is the team leader of the Glaser Group who sell over 100 homes a year in Richmond Virginia. I have had the good fortune of coaching Alex for 9 years and have watched him grow from only a handful of transactions a year to grossing over 1 million dollars per year. You are definitely in for a treat.

EPISODE 7: Skill, Mindset & Building a Team with Tina Caul

Tina has been in the real estate business for the last 20 years! She has sold over $550M in real estate sales and knows how to grow a profitable real estate business whether you are a single agent or you want to start and grow a team. Tina’s passion is helping agents “Think Bigger” by letting go of their limiting beliefs. Her team will sell over 350 homes this year, with over $120M in volume. If you want to know how to increase your income FAST, remove limiting beliefs, have ownership in your brokerage, partner with a top agent locally and nationally and create multiple streams of income, then Tina is the one to talk to.

EPISODE 6: Discipline, Putting in The Work & Thinking Big with Erik Winegarden

Erik started his Real Estate career in 2006. Erik attended college at New Mexico State University to obtain his bachelor degree in Marketing. Erik excelled in his academics, as well as sports, especially in baseball. With Erik’s extremely extensive network from playing professional baseball, he began to purchase his own investment properties and took it upon himself to rehab all his properties personally. Once Erik had his own inventory of newly remodeled homes to sell, from there the sky was the limit. Erik became heavily involved in helping family & friends with their Real Estate needs, managing REO’s and HUD properties and is the exclusive agent for multiple builders and investors. He’s also become proficient in the probate arena helping innumerous families through the estate process. With Erik’s sphere of influence and extensive education, he became a Top Realtor in a very short time frame. Erik has never allowed the fluctuating market to affect his success.

EPISODE 5: Common Mistakes Agents Make with Mike Berney of Liberty Realty

Regional Director of Liberty Realty – Liberty Realty is a leading real estate agency with several offices in Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ. They offer a full range of services pertaining to property rental, sale, relocation and investment opportunities within the exciting Hudson County area and beyond. As a Regional Director, Mike wears many hats and help manage the productivity of our hundreds of agents in each of our busy offices, and is responsible for managing many of Liberty’s business development undertakings.

EPISODE 4: How to Transition Into High End Real Estate with Frank Del Rio

Frank Del Rio has been a full-time successful real estate professional since 1999. He has sold over $100 Million in residential real estate in his career, and he has experience in all types of markets for well over a decade now. Because of his marketing and negotiating skills that he has acquired over the years as a Realtor, and by being a certified expert in understanding the local marketplace, he continues to be a top producing agent in the Los Angeles and North Orange Counties.

EPISODE 3: How To Be A Business Person in Real Estate with Jeff Quintin

Jeff Quintin is one of the most successful real estate agents in the United States, consistently selling over 175+ homes per year, equivalent to over $70+ million in sales. Previously ranked #4 of Prudential Real Estate, and #44 out of 1.2 million agents, according to the Wall Street Journal for selling over $139,000,000+ in volume in a single year. He has sold over 4000 properties in his career. Jeff owner/partner of HQ Investments, a real estate development company, develops and builds, fixes and flips, residential duplex/condominiums along the jersey shore for the past 15 years.

EPISODE 2: Systems & Processes with Angel Garcia

Angel Garcia began selling real estate in 2012 at the young age of 20. He immediately joined Park Regency with his father, Fernando Garcia. By 2013, with Angel having learned the ropes from some of the best in the business including his father, The Garcia Team propelled to number one at Park Regency Realty and has been one of the company’s top producers every year since. His team focuses on traditional sales and investment properties. Last year Angel and his team sold over 100 homes and produced over 58 million in sales.

EPISODE 1: Listing Properties in High Volume with Jose Luiz Morales of The Morales Group

For our first episode of The Aaron Novello Podcast I have Jose Luis Morales from The Morales Group and we are talking about with it takes to sell over 100+ homes a year by listing properties in high volume. Morales is a top producing agent who is ranked the #1 Realtor in Ventura County and has consistently ranked as amongst the top 1% of all Real Estate Professionals nationwide.

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