The definition of work is “expending energy toward the completion of an intention.”

This time of the year, American culture really does a wonderful job of convincing you to do the following:

1. Stop working.
2. Spend all of your hard-earned money.
3. Eat and drink whatever you would like.

Remember, we need an accurate assessment of reality in order to produce the outcomes we desire. Everything in life has a cause and effect relationship. Let’s examine these three strategies to see if they are in accordance with reality and the outcomes you desire.

A) Stop working- This time of the year is filled to the brim with holiday parties and time off. Now, I am for enjoying time with loved ones. The lengths of that is the issue. As a professional sales person whose income is commission-based, time away from the activity of lead generation does the following:

1. Massively interrupts momentum – This business flows in 90 day cycles. What you do now in the month of November is going to dictate what December, January and February look like in terms of deals and income. Taking a month off in the fourth quarter of the year (7-10 days for thanksgiving and the same in December) is going to have the effect of very little listings, pendings and closings to start the new calendar year.

2. Gets you out of rhythm- I find personally that it is easier to keep my commitments 100% of the time than it is to keep them 95% of the time.

B) Spend all your money- I have the good fortune of spending time with agents throughout the country through coaching and speaking events. Despite being in a profession that can provide a substantial income, most agents unfortunately are not that much different than the rest of Americans when it comes to financial stability. When I ask agents if they know what their expenses are month-to-month (business and personal) and how that compares to the income they earned, I regularly get completely blank stares.

The purpose of a real business is to make a profit. That profit is then reinvested back in the business or in assets to make more money. To not function this way is to be operating in delusion and substituting what you really want (freedom and independence) for trinkets and shiny things.

C) Eat and drink whatever you want- The biology of our bodies is very easily understood. If you intake more calories than you expend, you will gain weight. In order to perform at a high level you need a lot of energy. Eating and drinking too much leaves you sluggish and susceptible to getting sick. Everything in moderation, including moderation

If we follow the chant of the masses this time of the year, we end up with little to no business, financial stress, and New Year’s resolutions around our weight and fitness.

Are those the outcomes you desire?

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