The Scales

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While at an event recently, I struck up a conversation with someone who had heard that in conjunction to my real estate brokerage business,┬áI was also involved in coaching and speaking. He shared with me he was currently employed as an IT consultant and wanted to make the leap into coaching and training. What was very clear to me in speaking with him was that he was in love with the “idea” of being a coach or a speaker. However, this individual had little to no experiential knowledge or expertise that would be valuable in helping someone else. In other words, in order to share with other people something of value, you must be valuable.

Imagine a scale and on one side of the scale are rewards. Rewards can be defined as the following:

1) Attention

2) Money

3) Material Possessions (house, car, clothes, watch, etc.)

Most people only focus on this part of the scale. This is a mistake.

On the other side of the scale is value. What is interesting in my experience, is if you devote yourself to this side of the scale, in other words be dedicated to the question of “how can I make myself more valuable to others?” then as the value side of the scale gets denser, the rewards naturally go up.

Are you making yourself more valuable? What value are you bringing to others?

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