I was recently listening to a wonderful audio book by the legendary Jim Rohn. What is truly amazing to me is how much Jim has had an impact on my personal philosophy and approach despite the following two facts:

1)      I never had the great fortune of meeting him.

2)      He passed way in 2009.

Over the years, I have listened to audio programs by Jim and one was just released that had some material that I had not been exposed to.

In the new audio book titled The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library, I heard for the first time a parable that Jim told to emphasize the importance of disciplined action and sowing seeds.

Jim defines discipline as the following- the constant human awareness of the need for action and our implementation of that action. When there is considerable time between our awareness of the need for action and the implementation of that action, it is called procrastination.

In what we do as real estate sales professionals, there is a perpetual need for action as it pertains to lead generation. A day not spent in lead generation is a day you are not in business. Discipline is the day- to-day implementation of the actions you are aware are required to succeed. We can call this action of lead generation “sowing seeds.”

Each lead or potential client represents a seed. Each day our job is to dutifully and diligently plant seeds. Now sometimes after we plant those seeds, a bad storm will come and our crop will be flooded out. As Jim says, “that is just the way it is.”  Our job is not to question why it is that way. Instead, our job is to keep sowing seeds. Sometimes when we plant seeds, the birds will get them. Again our job is not to worry about why the birds got the seeds. Our job is to keep sowing seeds. Sometimes we will plant seeds and a fungus will get on the crop and damage it. Keep sowing seeds. Eventually some of those seeds will take root. And when they do, they will produce a bountiful crop.

As Jim puts it:

1)      Discipline is not the easiest option.

2)      Discipline is a day by day activity.

3)      For every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward.

If you sow well, you will reap well. Are you sowing consistently?

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