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A client of mine recently had an experience I felt we can all learn from. She is brand new to the real estate sales game and is off to a great start. She is determined, coachable and eager to learn. Her efforts (making calls, role playing, practicing, going on appointments) have yielded results. She has produced around $60,000 in income in the first 120 days of her real estate career. Momentum was on her side.

Momentum by definition means the quantity of motion of a moving body, in other words, the strength or force something has when it is moving.

In order for something to be put in motion, action is required. If I want the quantity of motion to be massive, it requires massive action.

Now this client has some distinct advantages.

1) She had a very successful career in sales prior to getting in the real estate game, so she already understood the sales process.

2) She is hungry to replace her income from her previous job.

3) She is a competitive athlete and has the internal desire to win.

All seemed to be going very well. Then, she decided to take a trip for a week and interrupt her momentum. Now, there is nothing wrong with taking trips. In this business however, if you do not have a team or some other method of lead generation, then that time off is going to lead to an interruption of momentum. Period. That is neither bad nor good, it’s simple reality.

My client then proceeded to shift her spotlight of awareness away from the activities required to keep herself in momentum and instead decided to shift her awareness to the world of mind. She began to think about (with her Sales Gremlin’s help) all the income she would have to replace from her previous job and all the benefits she was missing out on. Then her Sales Gremlin invited her in the movie theater of the mind to watch a terrible movie of her ending up broke and alone.

Upon returning from her trip in a Sales Gremlin stupor, she began to do less of the activities that got her the momentum to begin with. While on a call, she began to say things like “I am not being strong on the phone,” or “I am not using the script correctly.” I then asked her a simple question, “How much time per day have you been spending making calls this last week?” She proceeded to tell me that she had essentially cut her time in half.  I then gently pointed out to her what had happened. She had gone into the world of mind and successfully scared herself (with her Sales Gremlin’s help) and once scared, she began to retreat. Upon hearing this, she said “You are absolutely right.” We then developed a simple action plan and I suggested to her that she ask herself a simple question at the end of each day.

Did I do my best today?

P.S. Only three days after our conversation, she sent me a text and said she took a listing. Focus on the activities and the results follow.

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