In any business, the goal and objective is to have a product or a service to sell to a consumer. The product can be an intangible service/knowledge or a tangible product- like a house. 

As a real estate salesperson, I sell both. We as agents sell our knowledge of the process and local market to home sellers. Once a seller decides to list their home with us, then we have a tangible product to sell to a consumer— a home. As such, we must learn how to sell a service/knowledge and a product. 


The task of helping home sellers get what they want in the time that they want requires you to have the following qualities and characteristics. 

1) Come from a place of contribution– Be genuinely interested in the seller’s goals and objectives. Most agents are coming from a place of “What’s in it for me.” As such, they have a tendency to talk about themselves a lot and be very attached to outcomes. Notice the ratio of how often you use the word “I” versus the word “you.”

2) Demonstrate competency and authority– Increasingly sellers are taking control of the selling process by going online and choosing who they are going to interview or even with whom they want to list their home based on reviews. Make sure what they are seeing is solid. If you are not actively and aggressively getting reviews and managing your online presence, you are making a serious mistake. 

3) Connect– My tendency in the past was to be a very skilled robot spitting out words. By consciously and purposefully working on my EQ (emotional intelligence) and implementing skills I have learned through the practice of Gremlin Taming, I have added a very powerful tool to my presentation. Often times if you are competing, the difference maker is who connected best with the seller. 

What are you doing to hit your personal best?

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