Delusion Versus Reality

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I recently had the good fortune of giving a talk to a group of sales professionals to raise money for charity.

The people with me seemed to enjoy our time together, so below is one of the things I shared with them. I share it here in hopes that you may benefit from it in some way.

“You need an accurate assessment of reality in order to produce good outcomes.” Ray Dalio

“You cannot be delusional and be successful in selling at the same time.” Jen Blunt

Selling is an interesting profession in which sometimes people operate under a delusion. The Latin derivation of the word delusion means to deceive. In selling, if I am not operating under an accurate assessment of reality, than I am being delusional.

Reality in sales is the following: If I am not constantly and perpetually filling up my pipeline with leads, then I am not going to be successful.

As sales people, we get paid to follow our plan.

P- Prospect

L- Lead follow up

A- Appointments

N- Negotiate deals

The percentage of your time spent on your PLAN is directly correlated with how big your pipeline of business is and your income. Oftentimes, mindset issues (gremlin attacks) stem from a lack of activity filling up the pipeline.

Are you filling up your pipeline?

Are you operating in reality?

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