I have noticed a tendency with some of my clients. A tendency to take massive levels of action for a period of time, build lots of momentum, then pull back. This practice is akin to slamming on the gas pedal in your car and then simply taking your foot off the accelerator and coasting until you come to a complete stop.

Now some people pull there foot off the accelerator by jumping into administrative work. Some people choose to go on vacation and stop activity completely. With either one of these strategies, you are setting yourself for hitting a self-imposed ceiling on your potential. Consistency for many is the one skill that if mastered, their lives and incomes would radically be changed forever.

Remaining consistent in a sales business is a challenge. What we do is physically, mentally and emotionally draining. As such, if we wish to remain consistent in the tasks that lead to income, it is required that we replenish ourselves regularly.


Energy by definition is the capacity to do work. Time is a resource that is finite. Energy however is a resource that can be replenished and can also be expanded. Many people focus time and attention on managing their time. Very few people focus on managing their energy.

Different forms of Energy

Physical energy– This is energy that we derive from our bodies. It is the energy most of us think of and are referring to when we say something like, “I am tired”. This type of energy can be managed and expanded through the following:

  1. Exercise—some form of cardiovascular exercise (i.e. running, swimming, biking or a sport like pickle ball). BTW don’t laugh at the pickle ball— I play three times a week and it is awesome.
  2. Nutrition— What you put into your body for fuel plays a critical role in your energy levels.
  3. Hydration— Most people feel tired because they are dehydrated. Drinking enough water throughout the day is critical to your energy levels.

Mental Energy –This energy is what we use to think analytically and make decisions. This is the energy that we use to learn and create. If you have ever felt mentally in a “fog,” then you know how important this energy is to your productivity.

This type of energy can be managed and expanded through the following:

  1. Stop scaring yourself and putting yourself down—The number one thing I see clients do that zaps there mental energy is to snuggle up with their “Gremlin” (Monster of The Mind) and watch terrible movies of catastrophic things happening. Another powerful drain on this energy is to spend it comparing yourself to other people and then putting yourself down. Both are useless activities that simply serve for you to get in your own way.
  2. Stop watching and consuming content that does not serve you— Spending countless hours on Facebook or Instagram or countless hours watching Netflix clutters your brain with things that don’t matter.
  3. Meditate—Without question, the daily practice of sitting quietly for 15-20 minutes has been one of the best decisions I have made in helping to remain mentally clear.
  4. Sleep— Make sure you are getting 7-8 hours a day.

Emotional energy- This is the energy that we feel when spending time with people we love and care about. Whether it is a significant other, children or other family and friends, this type of energy is often overlooked in the pursuit of success. I personally feel the duality that arises when I want to aggressively pursue my goals and objectives and feel as though I am not spending enough time with my children or wife. I have certainly not mastered managing this type of energy, however I consciously and purposefully work on doing so. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Treat your time with others the same way you would an appointment— in any given moment we are choosing what is more valuable and relegating something else to less valuable. Knowing that this energy is important, make a conscious, purposeful decision to treat your time with friends and family with the same level of preparation and excitement as you would an appointment.
  2. Set your timer on your phone for play time— I am aware that the pull to check Facebook or to check the news on my phone is very strong. If I am not careful, it will rob me of time with people and therefore prevent me from replenishing emotional energy. Setting a timer to play with my kids uninterrupted for 20 minutes has been very helpful. During this play time there is no “parenting,” just being.
  3. Plan date nights and fun activities—this piggy backs on number one. Make the time and schedule it ahead of time. Work will typically fill the gaps if there are no boundaries.

The energy of spirit— this type of energy we experience when we are doing something that is purposeful or meaningful in some way. Whether it be sharing your knowledge, resources or time to others with the intention on making a contribution. I am aware when I tap into this type of energy, I feel wonderful and appreciative. Ways to cultivate the energy of spirit:

  1. Look for causes that you are very passionate about. Once you find them, begin to dedicate a certain amount of your time to work on each.
  2. Find ways to contribute to others—again this can be with time, energy or resources.

Just like managing our time is critical, so is managing our energy. What are you currently doing to manage your energy, so you can remain consistent?


  • Maria says:

    Hi Aaron,
    Great post! Mental energy is something I’ve been working to manage in order to stay consistent in my business and produce at a high level. I’ve experienced ups and downs in this business from exactly the reason you give in your opening sentence… massive action followed by, in my case, mental exhaustion. A focus of mine right now is to grow my inventory and income while staying consistent and sustainable. I’m glad to read this now, its made me decide to take a more formal approach to that aim by scheduling down time into my busy schedule. And maybe I’ll give up binge watching Netflix at the end of the day….

    🙂 Maria

    • Aaron Novello says:

      Glad you enjoyed the post Maria! Consistency is the name of the game. Often times the mental exhaustion is caused by getting bogged down in all the administrative work that is required after taking massive action. Having staff and systems in place to take care of the admin is critical to consistency. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

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