Clouds and Dirt

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While listening to the audio book “Ask Gary V,” Gary Vaynerchuk said something that jumped out at me. He said that entrepreneurs need to be good at clouds and dirt.

As it pertains to the business of selling, clouds are the following:

1.      Vision statement

2.      The 5 year plan

3.      The values that comprise the core of your business philosophy

4.      Staying up-to-date with new technology

5.      Systems and procedures

In the business of selling, dirt is the following:

1.      The daily grind of prospecting

2.      Practice and role play

3.      Prequalifying appointments

4.      Presenting and closing

5.      Asking for price reductions

6.      Administrative work

7.      Cash flow management (business and personal)

8.      Starting over again day after day with the same level of energy and intensity

In growing my own business, I personally have leaned more toward the dirt. I am aware as I am writing this, doing so has been my greatest strength and competitive advantage. I am also aware that not spending enough time in the clouds has inhibited my growth both personally and professionally.

In my work with salespeople, I find that often the ratio is opposite. They spend countless hours in the clouds and very little time in the dirt.

As Vaynerchuk says, “The goal is to be both the architect and the mason.”

Where are you spending most of your time?

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