Your comprehensive podcast editing service and production platform

When I first got the idea of doing a podcast I sucked my thumb for over two years. The limiting factors were the technology and equipment required. Finding resonate was a god send. They literally make the process as easy as possible and all I have to do it shoot the episode and copy and paste the recording to their platform and they handle the rest. If you have been thinking about starting a podcast, don’t walk run to this company.

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Build better business relationships with video messaging.

As an agent still in production, I am always looking for ways to stand out and level up my conversion rates. This software is one of the powerful tools that I have in my tool belt. It allows you to send personalized video emails or texts that increase open rates and help massively with lead generation and follow up.

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[USE CODE NOVELLO$] A growth automation software for Real Estate

As an agent knowing your numbers is critical. Doing so allows you to make better decisions and allows you coach to see what levers need to be pull to move the business forward. This is a must have for those wanting to get a handle on all the important metrics in their business.

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Collect reviews, get found online, convert
more leads, and communicate with
customers — all via text.

We live in two worlds; the physical and the digital and if you’re not managing what people see online regarding your business, you are making a massive mistake. Prior to using this reputation management software I was only getting about 20 reviews per year & within the first year of using it I got 80+. Add to the that aggregating of reviews the software allows in just 3 short years I am up to 499+ reviews.

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Build seller business with Vulcan7

Go from lead to listing in a single platform. Vulcan7 is everything you need under one roof. Just log in, get new real estate seller leads daily, and reach home sellers with our built-in tools.

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